In 1945, a special seed was sown in the soil of the Piney Woods of East Texas: Dominican cloistered contemplative life. The planters were Dominican nuns from the Monastery of the Blessed Sacrament in Detroit, MI (now Farmington Hills, MI).

We have weathered the heat and storms, the cool and fair skies of daily life to grow into a strong community. Today we number 22 sisters from throughout the United States as well as from Cuba, Mexico, Tanzania and Vietnam.

Sister Maria Guadalupe

Sister Mary Margaret

Sister Mary Rose
Novice Directress

Sister Bernadette Marie

Sister Irma

Sister Mary Annunciata

Sister Marie Augustine

Sister Maria Cabrini

Sister Mary Christine

Sister Mary Dominic

Sister Mary Gabriel

Sister Mary Giuse

Sister Mary Jeremiah

Sister Mary Magdalene

Sister Miriam

Sister Mary Regina

Sister Maria Rosario

Sister Mary Sybillina

Sister Mary Thomas

Sister Mary Veronica

Sister Mary Therese