Is God calling you to live for Him alone in silence and solitude, prayer and penance, for the salvation of souls?

If you think He might be calling you, please contact our Vocation Directress, Sister Mary Rose, by sending her an email.

Admission requirements: Women usually between the ages of 20-38; at least 2 years of college or work experience; good physical and mental health.

Postulancy: 12 months of initiation into the spirit and practice of Dominican contemplative life.
Novitiate: Two years of further training for the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience, and in all other aspects that pertain to the living of our vocation. The novice wears the Dominican habit and a white veil.

Temporary Vows: Three years during which the nun continues to learn and live more deeply the spirit of her monastic vocation. During the ceremony of first profession the sister receives the black veil.
Solemn Vows: Dominican nuns take only one vow, that of obedience, but it includes the vows of chastity and poverty. This vow is pronounced for life in a joyous public celebration within the context of the Eucharistic Sacrifice.