Private Prayer

  • Dominican Nun praying before a crucifix
  • Praying Before A Crucifix

    This appears to have been St. Dominic's favorite place to pray. Eight of the nine ways of prayer show Dominic in front of a crucifix. Spending time recalling the Lord's Passion and what He accomplished for us through His saving love is always fruitful. 

  • Praying while walking

    St. Dominic's ninth way of prayer is "prayer on a journey", which in his time meant walking from one town to the next, sometimes praying silently, sometimes singing a favorite song, such as Ave maris stella. Although we don't travel by foot much today, our monastery is blessed to have a large wooded area inside the enclosure, with a paved trail. Many sisters enjoy praying and meditating as they walk along this trail.

  • Be still, and know...

    As Dominican nuns, we do not have one specific way of prayer everyone is supposed to follow during times of private prayer. Instead, sisters are encouraged to pray to God in the way that God most clearly leads them. This may change from time to time, and each sister should be open to God, listening for His voice and responding to His call with faith and trust.

  • Lectio Divina

    Lectio divina, or sacred reading, is an excellent way of praying. It means that you sit down to read your text slowly, allowing the meaning of it to speak to you, to become part of you. The Bible is most often used for lectio, but other works can be used also: for example, the Conferences of John Cassian, or other patristic works, as well as the writings of the Doctors of the Church. 

  • Dominican Nuns walking